What Is The Advantage Of A 2D Floor Plan?

Having a floor plan can make it easier to sell a house. Here are some of the top reasons Agents are asking for floorplans.

Interesting Facts About Floor Plans

1 out of 5

20% of buyers will not even look at a property that did not have a floor plan, and these users ranked floor plans as more important than the listing photos and property info.


Floor plans were ranked as one of the most important feature terms of buyer requests, ranking higher than virtual tours.

Very Useful

Over 80% of buyers view floor plans as VERY useful as part of their research for a property.

Increase Click

Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%

Catch Buyers’ Attention

Some buyers say that photos can be deceptive but a floor plan always shows an accurate room size and layout. Buyers will immediately be captivated by the floor plan.

More Enquiries And Viewings

Buyers are more inclined to arrange a viewing if there is a floor plan. These days, time is a key factor, so buyers might ignore properties without floor plans. If you don’t have one you could be missing out on inquiries and viewings from potential buyers.

Buyer Engagement

Thanks to the floor plan, buyers who are looking for specific layouts will engage with you.

Increased Web Activity

Having a floor plan will help you reach out to more potential buyers and at the same time give you more activities on your 3D tour. Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing can increase clicks from buyers by 52%.

Fully editable 2D floor plan.

We make the floor plan for you but once it’s done you can change the labels, walls, furniture, and branding directly from Tourbuzz 3D tour App. You can also take advantage of our Single Property Website Floor Plan HotSpot editor to add your still pictures.

Provide Floor Plan in SVG and JPEG

Your floor plan can be saved in SVG. This type of format will allow you to use your floor plan at any desired resolution. Although you can easily edit the floor plan in the Tourbuzz app, with an SVG file it can be editable in any vector editing tool. We also provide you with a high-resolution JPEG version.

Textured floor plan

We provide you with a black and white floor plan. You can also have a textured version of your property. The textured version is made from the pictures included in your 3D tour.

Measurements included

Measurements have never been so easy. With just one click the measurements of the room will be indicated. Our application does the calculation on its own using the position of the arrows. You will also have access to rooms and house square footage. *Measurements must be considered approximate.

Easy to use Icon List

If needed you can edit your floor plan with a large selection of icons, it is so easy to fill the property with furniture and fixtures. You can add or remove items as you see fit.

For all types and sizes of projects

Floor plans are not only useful for houses. It can be interesting to show the layout of a school, historical, or commercial building. There is no limit to the type or size of the project.

Following architectural standards

We are constantly improving the way we create floor plans to follow architectural standards. See the link below to learn more about floor plans and see where our guidelines come from.

What do I get?

A premium Floor Plan produced by using measurement tools integrated with the Tourbuzz 3D Tour in both SVG and JPEG format.

How long does it take?

Your floor plan will be delivered in 1 or 2 business days from when your images are sent to the Tourbuzz app.

Is it editable?

Yes! Your floor plan will be completely editable. After we finish the floor plan, you can change everything directly from the Tourbuzz 3D tour App. You can even decide if you want your floor plan to be black and white, with furniture and measurements, or textured like the property.

Will it be integrated on my single property website?

Of course, your floor plan will be automatically added to your single property website and fully integrated within the 3D tour for an interactive navigation experience.

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